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Our mission

Ifop, the first market research and opinion poll institute to be created in France, is a recognized authority and French leader in the sphere of opinion polls, institutional and corporate image studies, and electoral polls.

Over the last two years Ifop has become the leading publisher of French market surveys

Ifop's Opinion and Corporate Strategy Division consists of about 20 independent public opinion professionals. The Division's mission is to accompany deciders in the public, private or associative sector in their strategic decisions and their choice of communication, whether relating to political, economic, social, media or sustainable development issues. Employing quantitative and qualitative research tools, the Opinion and Corporate Strategy Division informs clients on opinion, attitudes and behaviour of groups and individuals in all their diversity and complexity in their capacities as voters, consumers, employees, users, savers, internet users….


Frédéric Dabi

Director, Opinion & Corporate Strategies Department

Jérôme Fourquet

Deputy Director , Opinion & Corporate Strategies Department

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Our activity is based on 3 specialisations:

- opinion and electoral
- public bodies (ministries, regional or local authorities…)
- corporate strategy: corporate and social climate.

IFOP expertise