Ifop is an international company that draws its strength from the quality and drive of its teams. We are convinced that diversity of profiles and passions is the key to sustained growth. Younger generations are predominant in our workforce, with 53% of staff under the age of 35, and our multicultural outlook means that twenty nationalities are represented on our teams with fifteen languages spoken fluently. Our starter training programs cover a wide spectrum of disciplines including hard sciences, social sciences and marketing.


We are in daily contact with the changes taking place in society and markets. The nature of our business is also being transformed and digital solutions are now integral to every stage of market research production. We work in an ecosystem of partners that allows us to offer our clients approaches based on crowd sourcing, semantic analysis, web reporting, video, etc. Everyone at Ifop can also help transform the company by joining research groups which work to develop innovative approaches to research.


Work for Ifop and join teams in touch with the challenges of today’s world. Each project gives us the opportunity to be at the very center of global developments, collaborate with different experts and contribute to client strategy. Thanks to the diversity of our customer base, the variety of challenges they face, our international outlook and a way of working that combines collaboration with a self-starter ethos, we offer our employees a rewarding and stimulating environment.

Embracing the notion that recruitment should be international and multicultural, Ifop is always seeking new talent.
We welcome unsolicited applications.

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