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[Méthode] 360° commitment : to measure individuals´commitment in three different ways

Have a 360° all-round view of the behavioural, social and emotional commitment of consumers towards your products and services and those of your competitors. Identify the levers to increase this commitment.


– A real strategic management tool that measures the commitment of individuals in three different ways: the individual as a CONSUMER, demonstrating behavioural commitment, the individual as an INFLUENCER, through their social commitment and the individual as a BELIEVER, via their emotional commitment.

– A complete 360° diagnosis that identifies the main issue for your product(s)/brand(s), their performance drivers, opportunities and growth levers, and any corrective actions.


– A pertinent assessment of your competitive market: a well thought out choice of 2 or 3 key competitors (market pillars, breakthrough products, me-too products, niche products, etc.) yielding a thorough comparative diagnosis.


– Operational results, in the form of a concise and visual deliverable that allow you to optimize your entire marketing, communications, media, CRM, retail , etc. strategies.


Some examples of the questions addressed:


  • Who uses my products? Who are my fans ?
  • How can I win over new kinds of user? Who could be my clients in the future? What mechanisms should I put in place?
  • Which touchpoints are most effective with my clients? What touchpoints should I prioritise?
  • How is my new perfume selling compared with the best-selling perfumes? How should I differentiate it? What are its weak points?

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