Activation, transformation, co-creation : a workshop tailored to each objective

Bringing study results alive is a major challenge for study and marketing managers. How should one proceed to ascertain that the investment in the study is as profitable as possible, insights are taken onboard by all stakeholders and recommended actions implemented? Far too many studies, however large and relevant they may be, have failed to yield the expected impact.

Ifop makes use of a full range of solutions to enhance the sharing experience and make certain that messages are heard loud and clear: data viz, web reporting…


Workshops play a central role in our approach: by bringing together all key stakeholders on our client’s premises, workshops are an excellent means of taking results further, bolstering transformation, triggering activations – with an annex but very real teambuilding effect.

From short highly operational workshops focusing on the tactical presentation of study results, to multi-source co-creation workshops spread out over several days with a profoundly strategic objective: we offer a full range of solutions that meet your specific needs.


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