consumer needs


[Ad hoc] Fundamental studies / usages & attitudes

Market dynamics insight and assessment. Identification, quantification and understanding of consumer needs and how to address them.


Key objectives:


U&A studies enable to quantify usages and behaviour as well as understand attitudes relative to a product category.

Ifop transforms conventional Usages & Attitudes into fundamental studies, beginning with the consumer’s need, thus providing you with more operational approaches focusing on product innovation and/or communication strategy.


The approach:


  • A specific consumer need represents the starting point for the investigation (e.g. damaged hair; sensitive skin; difficulties swallowing pills).
  • An approach based on the way in which consumers behave, both functionally and emotionally, in the face of their needs.
  • A “consumer-centric” approach which places the emphasis on the consumer viewpoint and the moment of consumption / actual use (“moment of truth”) thanks to customised hybrid data-gathering methods.
  • Broad range of different perspectives, via an astute blend of methodological approaches.
  • Direct and indirect assessments to avoid bias stemming from an approach based solely on participants’ declarations.


Examples of issues addressed:


  • Nature of the rapport with skin among western women vs Asian women?
  • What needs remain unaddressed by the current offer as far as damaged hair is concerned? What are the opportunities for innovation and what product categories should be made a priority? How should dermo-cosmetics be positioned on this segment?


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consumer needs

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