brand equity


[Méthode] Brand equity : three key considerations

Evaluation and long-term monitoring of the health of your brand. Understanding its positioning and that of your competitors from three key angles: visibility, desirability, territory.


Key objectives:


In a world where consumers have to juggle with a plethora of touchpoints, offers and messages, it is necessary for a brand to have a clear, powerful and coherent sense of purpose from one touchpoint to another.


Our assets:


  • The ‘Brand Equity model’: a model integrating the three pillars of brand equity: visibility, desirability and territory so as to place your brand’s performance in perspective relative to its main competitors.
  • Use of indicators adapted to the new brand/consumer relations: over and above conventional unaided awareness, aided awareness or recommendation indicators, we have developed new indictors that measure social buzz, “brand love” emotional attachment, … to gain insight into the rapport your customers have with your brand.
  • Extensive expertise of brand studies to help you define your brand platform strategy while placing a hierarchy on the actions to be deployed.
  • Operational results presented in synthetic and visual deliverables, enabling you to communicate internally on various levels: top management, marketing executives, sales executives.


Examples of issues addressed:


  • What are the drivers of desirability on my market?
  • How is my brand positioned relative to the recent evolutions on the makeup market and in the face of the emergence of niche brands?
  • How is my brand positioned relative to the competition in terms of sustainable development and CSR in western countries?

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brand equity

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