consumer journey


[Ad hoc] Consumer journey

Identification of consumer and/or shopper journeys as well as the most influential touchpoints to optimise your investments.


Key objectives:


In view of the increase in digital and physical stimuli that consumers and shoppers are exposed to, it has become crucial to map and quantify the journeys within the category and more specifically the journeys towards your brands and your products.


The approach:

  • A holistic vision of the rapport with the category which takes into consideration the history and journey within the category (e.g. problems or symptoms having triggered the purchase, aims or motivations inherent to the first purchase of a product from the category, loyalty to brands).
  • Assessment of the weight of the pre-purchase phase (pre-store) vs. in-store/online experience.
  • Pinpointing of decision-making processes: purchase criteria, touchpoints at the PoS, role of advice and recommendations.
  • An approach that places the priority on the moment of consumption / actual purchase (“moment of truth”) thanks to customised hybrid data-gathering methods.
  • Varied perspectives, via an astute blend of methodological approaches.
  • Direct and indirect assessments to avoid bias stemming from an approach based solely on participants’ declarations.


Examples of issues addressed:

  • What makes potential customers consider my product ranges and how can I optimise my organisation?
  • How to develop impulse purchases in a highly pre-determined product category?
  • How to guide and orient shoppers in a complex category with a broad selection of products?
  • What touchpoints should be activated throughout the consumer journey in the framework of an online purchase?


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Laure Friscourt Deputy CEO of the Ifop Group

Sophie Perol Wellbeing Client Manager

consumer journey

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