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[Souscription] Cosmetic applications : what impact on purchase behaviour?

Expectations in terms of transparency and information concerning consumer products are growing by the day. The success of decryption applications such as Yuka bear witness to this. These applications now make it possible to decrypt the ingredients in cosmetic, hygiene and beauty products.


IFOP is deploying a study that will enable to measure the impact of this phenomenon on purchasing attitudes in France!




  • What are the most trusted beauty applications?
  • How are they perceived?
  • Are pharmacy/para-pharmacy cosmetic products concerned to the same extent as other products?
  • What is their impact on the choice of products?


Please contact us to subscribe or receive the study presentation brochure.

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Laure Friscourt Directrice du pôle Wellbeing - DGA Ifop

Sophie Perol Directrice de clientèle Wellbeing

cosmetic applications

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