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[Méthode] Customer experience or how to monitor ux

Assessment and long-term monitoring of customer experience. Identification of key expectations and drivers from an emotional, relational and transactional standpoint.


Key objectives:


Customer experience is becoming more important than ever in today’s digitalised world. There is an increasing desire to live real experiences which are specific to each brand over and beyond the simple transactional operation.

Hence, the purchase process is undergoing transformation: it is no longer rational and linear but rich, complex and influenced by emotions.


Our assets:


  • An approach based on the principle that satisfaction is not linear: dynamic analytical models enable us to identify drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. As well as the minimum requirements, we identify levers of differentiation and superiority to achieve excellence with regard to your customers’ experience.
  • A real strategic solution that measures customer experience during the decision-making process from an emotional, relational and transactional standpoint.
  • Operational results presented in synthetic and visual deliverables that will enable you to optimise your overall strategy: BAs, Retail, Marketing, Communication…


Examples of issues studied:


  • Measurement and understanding of the duty-free experience among Chinese travellers.
  • With regard to which drivers does my brand perform well compared to my competitors in the Department Store setting?
  • What optimisations and priorities should be implemented to improve customer experience in large retail stores?

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Customer experience

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