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[Ad hoc] Dual perspective : patients – healthcare professionals

The rapport between physician and patient may come up against a variety of hurdles: moments when a discrepancy, whether major or minor, between the perception and understanding of messages conveyed cause the relation between those providing and receiving treatment to malfunction. These discrepancies may in certain situations have considerable impact on the success of the therapy.


“Dual perspective” surveys investigate this rapport and grant due consideration to the patient standpoint.


The objective is to gather feedback on patient perceptions which are then compared with those of healthcare professionals.


Consequently, points of convergence and divergence emerge between the various stakeholders concerning issues that are as fundamental as the severity of the pathology, its impact on daily life, difficulties linked to management, or recall and interpretation of information conveyed by healthcare professionals.


“Dual perspective” surveys, which are frequently the subject of publications, may also prove crucial to improving the dialogue between the various stakeholders, with the overarching aim of optimising management.

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healthcare professionals

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