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[Méthode] Fundamental research – Beauty Practices and Attitudes

Understand the market dynamics, behaviors and expectations of consumers today.


A key issue:

Consumers who have taken power and categories in constant flux with increasingly blurred boundaries.


Our four strengths:

  • In-depth diagnosis of your issues, informed by our expertise in the sector, which has been developed from our day-to-day monitoring of the competition and a range of studies carried out in the various beauty categories.
  • Unique methodologies and tools that can be customized thanks to our ad hoc know-how: every questionnaire is different and each study is adapted to your issues.
  • A “consumer-centric” approach that prioritizes the consumer’s vision and the “real” moment of consumption (“moment of truth”), using our personalized methodologies: qualitative/quantitative studies, in-situ evaluation at the moment of product purchase/use, online communities, consumption log
  • Operational results, in the form of summary and visual deliverables, to feed your innovation, communication, marketing/product development and retail strategies.


A few examples of the issues studied:

  • What is considered a good look for Western and Asian women?
  • How do Asian women take care of their skin and what are their satisfaction drivers?
  • How do Brazilian women assess the various home hair-straightening methods against the services offered by hairdressers?

Your contacts

Chloé Mazier Head of Beauty & Wellbeing division

Mélanie Hanoteau Head of Beauty

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