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“Move to Data Living” avec Ifop

“Move to Data Living” is the new motto of Ifop, representing the Institute’s new positioning. Stéphane Truchi, Chairman of the Ifop Management Board shares this new ambition and explains Ifop’s key changes, whose mission is to bring even greater value to its clients.


Can you explain your analysis of the changes that society is experiencing and the impact of these changes on the research industry?


Society is undergoing profound changes: the younger generations are establishing new ways of following brands, more interactive and more community-based; the world is globalising while, at the same time, the need for proximity has never been felt so strongly; over-stretched, over-informed individuals dream of finding greater serenity and free will, but also of having confidence in the industry players.


The research industry, as well, is being transformed: it is becoming more technological and more secure, while at the same time having to get as close as possible to the individual’s experience and approach the truth from their perspective, in order to identify new insights and innovate.


Our clients, too, are changing:  increasingly, their organizations are working more collaboratively; they are more digitalized and are therefore in search of research results that are accessed more quickly and which can be shared more simply. They, too, have understood that the consumer feels a certain mistrust towards the brands, so they are looking for research results that offer tangible, inspiring and incontestable evidence. Finally, a new field of opportunities is opening up for us – our clients are in need of intuitive data interpretation to obtain differentiating insights.


All these changes show that we must enter a new era, that of living data, hence this motto that will guide our creation of value: “Move to Data Living”.


“Move to Data Living”: this is Ifop’s new motto. How is it embodied in your company?


We have defined four founding principles for this transformation underway at Ifop.

  1. Hybrid approach: we are convinced that by increasing the number of information sources (passive, active data, photos, video, etc.), we will get closer to an individual’s real day-to-day life and their opinions, and we will pass those on to our clients in the most convincing and inspiring way.
  2. Collaboration: we are encouraging internal teams to innovate collaboratively, working with the most promising start-ups on the market. Some original solutions have emerged from these new collaborations (Picture Prospective, Co-creation Miroir, Virtual Immersion, etc.) which have won some awards in the industry.
  3. Sectorization: our organization has been sector-oriented for the past 10 years. This approach has proved itself and allows us to be permanently immersed in our clients’ challenges. This is how we have become the adviser of choice in many sectors of activity such as energy, luxury goods, beauty and health.
  4. Accessibility: by making our findings vivid and more accessible, we make it easier for everyone in the organizations to exploit the results. For example, we were among the first to create a data science department complemented by data visualization professionals. Increasingly we are incorporating photos and videos in our collection and delivery processes.


In addition to these data aspects, you have also expressed the desire to promote the expertise of all Ifop employees. It is with this aim that you have also developed your website and your social networks. How does this humanization add value?


We are a deeply human society and our 80th anniversary this year is testimony to that. Human by the “matter” we observe and by implication of our talents. We are a company for whom technology is an accelerator, but an accelerator that is controlled by individuals at every level in the company. They contribute to innovation and the expression of views on society. Our new website puts our human side under the spotlight so as to demonstrate that without the “human” component in analysis, data does not live.

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