[Souscription] Podcasts : how can brands make optimum use of audio content?

Subsequently to the exponential growth of video content, audio is now making its mark! Podcasts are undergoing unprecedented growth, boosted in particular by the production of native podcasts.


Whether it be replay podcasts (programs broadcast on radio or even TV) but above all native podcasts specifically designed for online listening, the offer is becoming increasingly broad.


A wide variety of key players have now invested this promising market: radio broadcasting groups, producers with a longstanding podcast history, but also press groups, TV groups, studios, independent companies or even brands themselves.


This is a market whose structuration process is still ongoing, and which is witnessing the emergence of dedicated aggregator platforms. Whether from the standpoint of producers or distributors, economic models remain to be established.


What is the best strategy to make the most of these new listening opportunities? How to stand out on a market in full development with a plethora of competitors? With what economic models?


The Ifop Media & Digital division has developed a “PODCAST” subscription study to help you fully grasp this new market:


  • Replay podcasts and native podcasts: what listening practices?
  • What targets have adopted these new usages?
  • What are the most successful podcast types and formats?
  • What are listeners’ prerequisites?
  • How do potential listeners get their bearings in this offer? How do they choose their podcasts and based on what criteria? How much room is there for serendipity or do algorithms determine listening choices?
  • What is the feedback concerning consumption and what advantages are perceived?
  • What improvements are expected?


A study with a wealth of insights that will enable you to optimise your offer and seize the opportunities provided by this rapidly growing market.

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Isabelle Trévilly Directrice du Pôle Média & Digital


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