[Souscription] Virtual Immersion : your consumers at the heart of the action

With Ifop’s VIRTUAL IMMERSION solution, go virtual in your marketing research!


An innovative research solution that, thanks to virtual modelling, puts the consumer centre stage with an experiential device that allows you to test your product mix, as well as your retail and merchandising mechanisms, in a way that is as close to the real thing as is possible.


A qualitative quasi real-life approach in which the consumer immerses themself in the virtual reality of the products on show: the pack is in its place on the department store shelf, the shopper can ‘wander’ among the counters where your merchandising ideas become a lived experience.


A simple, effective tool suitable for simulating all types of situations and environments: consumer goods, cosmetics/beauty, homeware, the high-tech world, retail (supermarkets, parapharmacies, duty-free and travel retail shops, real estate), in France as well as internationally.


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Patrice Galiana Head of Qualimarketing division

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