Our mission is to support all political, economic, social and media organizations operating in the public, private and non-profit sectors to make the right strategic decisions and communication choices.

Our team is made up of some twenty public opinion experts, specializing in both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

More specifically, we conduct surveys and provide consultancy services to inform our clients on the opinions, attitudes and behaviors of groups and individuals, in all their diversity and complexity, whether voters, consumer-citizens, employees, users, etc.

Against this backdrop and in order to respond more closely to the multiple issues raised by our clients, the Opinion and Business Strategies Division has structured its offer around four areas of expertise: Political Polls, Corporate & Work Experience, Society, Qualitative Opinion Studies.

For 80 years, Ifop has been a recognized industry benchmark and leading French pollster, working hard to support the transformation of society.
Over the last 10 years, it has published the largest number of surveys conducted on the French market out of any research organization.

Frédéric Dabi DGM - Head of Ifop Opinion


The beauty sector are constantly evolving, as demonstrated by the latest trends:
– Awareness that lasting and authentic beauty is the result of a holistic approach, combining the inner and outer
– Asia, a proven generator of innovations adopted by the West (BB cream, cushion foundation, sheet masks)
– "Made to measure", a new way of thinking about cosmetics, in response to the increasing importance of "me"
– Growing demand for transparency and naturalness in formulas
– The increasingly connected consumer alternating between influencer and influenced
– Omnichannel cosmetic purchasing producing a shopping experience specific to each channel

These are just some of the consumer trends that companies need to follow, decipher and anticipate to develop strong and differentiated offers leading to value creation in a highly competitive market featuring the major beauty players as well as a plethora of independent brands.

To help brands understand these markets, maximize opportunities for innovation, and develop next-generation products, Ifop is one of the few research organizations with a department entirely dedicated to the challenges of the beauty sector.

Passionate and driven, the Beauty team offers international expertise and tailored responses to every possible issue clients might face. Constantly learning from research carried out in the sector, we provide the best marketing insights and recommendations via clear and impactful deliverables adapted to different company profiles (top management, R&D, marketing, etc.).

Mélanie Hanoteau Head of Beauty

Consumer & Retail

Faced with multi-faceted and paradoxical consumers vacillating between discount prices and premium goods, using a blend of retail channels and divided in their decisions between the principles of pleasure and responsibility, the Ifop Consumer Division analyzes and segments consumer behaviors and expectations to inform marketing strategies and help our clients grow their business.

An expert in ad hoc studies, we work on behalf of all brands in France and abroad, at all stages of our client marketing cycles.

We focus on topical issues and those reflecting the changes taking place in society and its markets:
- Food, nutrition, health
- Beauty, well-being, personal goods
- The home, maintenance and decoration
- Sustainable development

Aurélie Crouzet Head of Consumer & Retail division


Personalized medicine, patient empowerment, the quantified self, transition from curative to preventive models, spectacular therapeutic advances, the proliferation of new molecules, and treatment successes but also the explosion of chronic disease...

All of these developments have an impact on the challenges faced by the health industry (pharmaceutical laboratories, manufacturers of medical devices, patient organizations, advertising agencies, institutions and learned societies).

Using its expertise in the health sector, Ifop Healthcare is committed to conducting ad hoc research in all areas of health: from immunotherapy to OTC and dermocosmetic products, from medical devices to herbal medicine.

Ifop Healthcare can therefore assist clients with varied and complex topics, such as:
- Understanding patient experience and incorporating it into the search for new products and offers, and better adapting them to patient needs;
- Investigating and quantifying prescriber reasoning to inform the development of more powerful concepts and solutions;
- Studying and measuring the attitude and expectations of stakeholders in all their diversity: health staff, KOLs, consumers, etc.

Ifop Healthcare is made up of a senior and multilingual team working at both national and global level. It has developed tried-and-tested procedures, for example "Multi-perspective Surveys (Patients – Healthcare Professionals)" and "Voice of Healthcare Customers", surveying both multiple targets and stakeholders in the decision chain.

Christina Bienenfeld Head of Healthcare division


Resumption of tourist flows, higher Chinese and European spending – consumption of luxury goods is back on a positive trajectory.
However, this upward trend should not obscure a number of issues and challenges that makers of luxury goods will need to address:
- The appetite of new generations for luxury
- The aggressive competition of premium brands and the "blurring" of conventions

And in terms of the development of e- and m-commerce and digital transformation more generally:
- The ability to offer a genuine "brand experience" to customers
- Product and service innovation
- Integration of sustainable development

Ifop Luxe, France's leading research entity in the luxury sector, meets these challenges by conducting strategic marketing studies for luxury houses (customer experience, research on image and brand positioning, product and service innovation, etc.) and publishes benchmark surveys on the sector (Generation Silver +, Generation Z, The New Chinese Woman, Luxury and Digital, New Drivers of Desirability, etc.).

Created in 2008, Ifop Luxe now carries out 80% of its research in foreign markets and operates both in countries traditionally known for their luxury goods and emerging markets

Marc Gicquel Head of Luxury division

Media & Digital

Immediacy (addiction to short formats, all forms of visual media, notifications, etc.) combined with the need to engage with all channels so as to be free to consume what they want, on demand (replays, SVOD, etc.) and in the desired conditions (ATAWAD): these are now the basic expectations of an increasingly demanding public. Whether we are talking about information, entertainment or sales communications, members of the public expect personalized content, which means they are happy to provide personal data to be used by algorithms and accept cookies when browsing on the internet.

Reacting quickly, just like the media and digital market itself, the Media & Digital team is introducing customized research methods that are specifically designed to support companies to evaluate development opportunities – and make sure they don't miss out!

Isabelle Trévilly Deputy Head of Media & Digital division


The Ifop Services Division has built its expertise around two historical pillars: energy/water and mobility/transport. More recently, its know-how has expanded to include rapidly changing sectors such as real estate, banking & insurance and tourism.

- its knowledge of the issues at stake (paperless commerce, deregulation, digitization of offers, multi-channel customer journeys, strong public visibility, environmental issues, etc.)
- and its in-depth understanding of the social, regulatory and political context of these specific markets, the Ifop Services Division has proven its ability to support companies in these sectors and meet all of their research requirements.Its working methods are based on:
- know-how appreciated by our clients (needs assessment, dedicated contacts, post-research support)
- and proven methodological expertise (mastery of advanced research techniques such as trade-off, typology, modeling, etc., and surveying of specific targets such as highly specialized posts in companies, heads of local authorities, etc.).

Last but not least, the Services Division pays the greatest attention to the form in which research is produced, with impactful reports, dynamic dataviz, web dashboards and computer graphics, constantly seeking to combine analytical quality with efficient communication of results, an approach much valued by its clients.

Estelle Thomas Head of Services, Banking & Insurance


Wellbeing has emerged over the past few years as a key societal trend.

The quest for wellbeing is deeply rooted in the evolution of our modern society:
A world that is moving ever faster, a planet whose resources are becoming scarce, a rapport with oneself and with one’s self-image rattled by current methods of communication, globalisation of society that is modifying influence patterns, etc.
An urge to return to one’s origins, the desire to do good to oneself, enhanced awareness of the benefits of nature, calling into question of over-consumption, together with a more holistic approach to lifestyle.

As a result of this emerging awareness (environmental, nutritional, search for meaning and expression of the ‘real me’) the Beauty, Healthcare, Food but also Sport industries are homing in on the Wellbeing dynamic.

The Ifop Wellbeing team supports the development of all stakeholders in these sectors:
The Beauty industry at large which is currently working on issues such as naturalness, safety and sensoriality – in particular dermocosmetic manufacturers
Stakeholders on the OTC market such as pharmaceutical companies, encompassing all aspects related to medication sold without prescription
Businesses specialised in food supplements and alternative medicine
All Organic product stakeholders: distributors, manufacturers, etc.
As well as spas, the sports industry, etc.

Our approach is resolutely ad-hoc and we intervene in approximately 60 countries to provide support and insight to our clients with regard to a broad range of issues:
Fundamental research providing insight into a market or overarching theme (naturalness, ingredients, etc…), understanding of needs and usage related to a product category
Innovation tests, such as concept tests or product tests
Pre-launch studies including packaging tests and price elasticity tests
Studies focusing on customer journeys and distribution channels.

To help our clients meet these new expectations in an optimum manner, maximise opportunities for innovation and develop the offers of the future, Ifop is the only market research group to have created a department entirely dedicated to research focusing on Wellbeing.

Our assets:
A devoted team with extensive experience in this sector, but also related markets such as Beauty, Healthcare or Nutrition; a resolutely international team with in-depth knowledge of the American and Asian markets in particular.

Methodology and approaches designed by experts in the field: a team that provides a consulting service, has the expertise required to challenge study objectives in view of marketing requirements and that is committed to carrying out projects tailored to specific needs.

Support provided with the assimilation of key findings via quality recommendations, synthetic reports, highly visual presentation of results, but also collaborative sessions that help take results one step further and activation workshops.

Laure Friscourt Deputy CEO of the Ifop Group

Sophie Perol Wellbeing Client Manager

IQ, Inspiring Qual

Our mission:

• Shifting from traditional market research to “insight consultancy” working hand in hand with our clients
• By leveraging the powerful combination of qual research & strategic planning as well as of course collaborating with our quant experts at Ifop
• To provide our clients (from Beauty & Luxury to FMCG, Services and Mobility) with a more complete & informed perspective on their marketing challenge, topic & category

Our approach:

Leveraging our in-house socio-cultural trends expertise (in collaboration with Sociovision) and international category knowledge to help you grasp the big picture. Always including our semiotic & strategic planning perspective to identify white spaces & opportunities and to craft with you local and global cultural fluency.

Consumer needs are at the core of all our projects – including fans of your category or lapsed users, we will make sure to go the extra mile for rich insightment by using various techniques – from on- to offline, from instant to longitudinal, from local to global – to get under the skin of your WHO and unveil THE insight that will make the difference.

Triggering collaborative & immersive discussions with leading edge consumers, experts, tastemakers, creatives and you to create possible futures for your brand, products and services.

Ilana Dupeyron Head of IQ

Data Management

New sources of data and new data collection methods (passive data, observational data, connected objects, web listening, neuroscience, sensory analysis, use of smartphones, etc.) are having an impact on both the production and exploitation of marketing research. In addition, the drive for increasingly operational results has required ever more innovative approaches and representation techniques (data visualization, computer graphics, dashboards, etc.). Research organizations now find themselves at the center of a new ecosystem and are consequently having to review operation of their data production chains.
It was these changes and challenges that led to creation of the Ifop Data Management Division, its remit being to provide operational intelligence to Ifop's teams and clients through proven solutions, as well as monitoring and integrating approaches proposed by new players in the information industry in all its forms.
The Data Management Division provides our research teams and their clients with the most efficient and best-adapted solutions and tools for collecting, analyzing and retrieving information, while always seeking to optimize quality and speed at the best price.
The division includes a wide range of professional profiles, for example, specialists in information collection and processing, IT development, web design and delivery, etc.

Gérard Donadieu Head of Data Management expertise

Customer Experience & Large-scope studies

Whether polling 5,000 to 150,000 people on French soil or around the world using a single or blended data collection method (telephone, online, face to face, passive data, etc.), questioning unusual targets who are difficult to track down, or uniting stakeholders with multiple profiles around surveys on sensitive topics – Ifop's Large-scope studies Department specializes in this type of approach and can advise you on the engineering necessary to implement your project.
In addition to this know-how, the team also offers Customer Experience expertise to help companies – especially those in networks – to improve quality of service and the UX offered at all points of contact, through performance indicators based on tangible elements such as mapping of customer journeys to reveal critical moments and flaws in cross-channel strategies. The aim is to produce recommendations for corrective or evolving action plans. These actions can then be measured over time to identify their impact on customer satisfaction, and include use of clienteling tools so that the sales force can improve satisfaction levels by re-engaging the most dissatisfied customers for example.
To fulfil both of its roles, the Customer Experience and Large-scope studies team has a multidisciplinary profile (project managers, statisticians, computer scientists, web designers, etc.) and offers expertise in wide-ranging and long-term projects. Special emphasis is placed on deliverables (executive summary, computer graphics, etc.) and communication of results via web reporting or user-friendly online dashboards built in compliance with the client's graphic charter.

Véronique Gabriel-des-Bordes Head of Customer Experience & Large-scope studies expertise


Hot news topics, crises in your sector, and the attractiveness of a pack, claim or brand signature – all these issues require fast response times to keep up with market and avoid missing an opportunity to communicate and/or approve an action plan. The Ifop Omnibus Department provides a reliable, economical and rapid response so that you are supported by experts in this type of research (event, reputation, crisis polling, etc.) for agile implementation of your project. From questionnaire to results, each phase will be rigorously monitored to deliver the level of results best suited to your current needs. Raw results, illustrated analysis and real-time web reporting are all tools the department can draw on to meet the client brief.
The Ifop Omnibus Department is managed by a dedicated senior team which is responsible for managing rolling weekly Omnibus surveys conducted on the general public in France, as well as international omnibus polls produced using the same principles. In some cases, implementation of rapid and affordable protocols tailored to your needs may be recommended.

Elodie Banq Head of Omnibus expertise


The Panels Department is a solid point of contact for all large-scale research issues, providing tailor-made expertise to clients.
Its activity is based around three pillars:
– Setting up, managing and facilitating panels: a recognized expert in management of large-scale proprietary panels for over 15 years, both for institutional and private clients, the Panels Department makes facilitation a key driver of success to encourage long-term appropriation and engagement of over-solicited individuals attracted by devices offering a sense of personal recognition. Graphic identity, digital platforms, online agreements, newsletters, video tutorials, mobile applications – we offer a wide range of agile tools adaptable to every need.
– Simultaneous management of massive data volumes: working with large-scale research systems, which require collection of data at numerous points of contact over several countries simultaneously, the Panels Department guarantees that at every stage of data collection, analysis and consolidation its clients will receive reliable and traceable data at all times (Who? What? Where? When? How?). This is achieved through research engineering based on online management and tracking tools that enable automation of processes (data exchange, sending alerts, emails, etc.), implementation of frequent checks, and accelerated result processing to facilitate sharing and analysis. Web reporting, geolocation and mapping are regularly used to augment the range of innovative solutions offered by our teams.
– Data analysis: to further enhance the management/performance indicators delivered, the Panels Department is proficient in several data analysis solutions offering almost unlimited analysis possibilities, making processing of the data collected even more actionable in organizations.
The Panels Department is made up of a multidisciplinary team (Production workshop, Hotline, IT development, Project team) working in close collaboration with Ifop's IT, Innovation and Communication departments and is also the preferred point of contact for Ifop's expert divisions, assisting them with the logistical aspects of high-volume research (dispatch of products in France and abroad, etc.) in order to control costs, meet deadlines and guarantee the reliability of data collected.

Laurent Tison Head of Panels expertises

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