2019 european elections



EURO-ROLLING 2019 “Daily European Elections Update”




Ifop and Fiducial, two pioneers of the Rolling method since the 2012 presidentialelections, are to collaborate again with CNEWS, Paris Match and Sud Radio toprovide real-time polling data within the framework of the European campaign.


In-depth insight into the first key vote held during Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term


From 7 March until the eve of the European elections (25 May), the results of the continuous Ifop-Fiducial voting intention survey will be made public daily at 6pm on CNEWS and Sud Radio channels as well as the Paris Match and Ifop websites.


Broad scope of campaign monitoring indicators


Apart from voting intention, several other indicators shall also be measured – either daily: voting intention, participation, extent to which voters have made up their mind, election predictions – or weekly: interest in the campaign, assessment of the quality of the various campaigns. Opinions on stories and news that arise during the campaign shall also be measured and will be the subject of analyses among the various electorate.


Weekly analyses by Ifop experts and real-time infographics


Every Friday, an analytical overview of results will be provided by Ifop. This summary of the main findings of the week will place emphasis on the most striking data and be compared to the previous weeks’ results. Infographics developed in partnership with Coheris will be published and available for download on the Ifop website.


Rolling: a method providing unique insight into the European elections campaign


In order to provide daily polling data stemming from a nationally representative sample, 500 people from the voting age population will be surveyed online on a daily basis. The day’s results are cumulated with those of the previous two days: in total, over 40,000 people will be surveyed during the 12 weeks of this European campaign.






FIDUCIAL – 01 44 95 01 20

Didier Maïsto, Permanent Representative of Fiducial Médias, President of Sud Radio – didier.maisto@fiducial.net


FIDUCIAL is the leading provider of multidisciplinary services for small businesses, craftspeople, traders, self-employed professionals and farmers. FIDUCIAL provides them with a comprehensive and scalable range of value-added products and services, and makes use of its extensive expertise to optimize their management. By fostering solid partnerships, FIDUCIAL enables business owners to fully focus on their profession. FIDUCIAL, which was established in 1970 by Christian LATOUCHE who is also the current Chairman, has been undergoing steady growth for over 40 years. The group is now present in 78 countries with 17,200 employees, a turnover of 1,680 billion dollars of which 900 billion Euros in Europe, and 261,000 clients.Complementary and sharing of know-how has enabled FIDUCIAL to acquire an extensive range of expertise in legal professions, auditing, accounting and financial services. FIDUCIAL’s in-depth knowledge of specialized markets means it is in a position to offer IT solutions tailored to specific professions, as well as website and cloud solutions which are today considered to be references in the field.

Read more: www.fiducial.fr .


CNEWS – 01 71 35 61 64

Thomas Bauder, Deputy Director of Content – thomas.bauder@canal-plus.com

Tiphaine Loussouarn, Communication Manager – tiphaine.loussouarn@canal-plus.com


CNEWS is a live 24-hour news channel which is part of the CANAL+ group, accessible via TNT, cable, satellite, ADSL or Internet, on iPhone, iPad, Androïd and Windows Phone 7. CNEWS provides real-time coverage as well as analysis of news stories. Expertise, thoroughness and sharing of points of views lie at the heart of its editorial policies.

Read more: www.cnews.fr


PARIS MATCH – 01 41 34 72 58

Philippe Legrand, Communication Director – philippe.legrand@lagardere-active.com

Bruno Jeudy, Politics and Economics Editor – bruno.jeudy@lagardere-active.com


The news magazine Paris Match, ranked first in France and fifth worldwide, is present in 120 countries (source: FIPP). Considered as a reference in terms of photojournalism, Paris Match conveys life as it is with a particular focus on the Human Story, here or elsewhere, and has written some of the most striking pages of History as the very stories unfold. Philippe Legrand also presents the programme “Match +” on the Paris Match website, broadcast by RFM every Saturday for the past three years.

Read more: www.parismatch.com


SUD RADIO – 05 61 63 20 18

Patrick Roger, CEO – proger@sudradio.frChristophe Bordet, Editor in Chief – cbordet@sudradio.fr


Sud Radio is a French radio station created in 1948 with a specific focus on the southern areas of France and its culture. Sud Radio covers a large part of the South of the country and of the Ile-de-France area and forms an integral part of the French radio broadcasting heritage with full coverage of the political, social, economic and sports news. With a long-standing presence in Paris and all the main cities in the south of the country (Toulouse, Marseille, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Nice, Valence, Nîmes, Clermont-Ferrand), Sud Radio places particular emphasis on dialogue with its audience and provides extensive rugby coverage. Sud Radio’s ambition is to decrypt without oversimplifying, analyze without distorting, explain seriously without taking itself too seriously, and be dynamic while taking its time. It broadcasts on 99.9 FM in the Ile-de-France area.

Read more: www.sudradio.fr


IFOP – 01 45 84 14 44

Frédéric Dabi, Deputy CEO – frederic.dabi@ifop.com (06 16 97 06 01)

Jérôme Fourquet, Director of the Opinion and Business Strategy Division – jerome.fourquet@ifop.com


For 80 years, Ifop has been the industry benchmark for opinion polls and market research. Our approach is based on a combination of sector-based expertise, business know-how, forecasting and international vision. Our activity is structured around the aforementioned areas of expertise with 7 divisions specialized in the key markets in our sector (Opinion, Beauty & Wellbeing, Consumer & Retail, Healthcare, Luxury, Media & Digital, Services), 5 departments with specific methodological expertise (Quali Marketing, Data Management, Client Experience & Large Scope Studies, Omnibus, Panels) and the Incapsule by Ifop inspiration management unit. Ifop, which places particular emphasis on flexibility and adaptability while fostering close relationships with its clients, operates in some fifty countries from offices in Paris, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Read more: http://www.ifop.comhttps://twitter.com/IfopOpinion

2019 european elections

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