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Ifop Inc. is building a strong presence in the U.S. for consumer insights and strategic planning



Ifop conducts research in more than 70 countries. In 2020, New York office was opened, headed by Stephanie Sandler who has a dual background in marketing and research. Today, the US team consists of 8 research, strategic planning and consulting experts.


Specializing in luxury, retail, beauty, and wellness, Ifop Inc. is building a strong presence in the U.S. for consumer insights and strategic planning :

  • Hybrid Approach (quant/qual)
  • Sector Expertise (researchers who come from the business side)
  • Innovation (Ifop Inc. is the innovation hub always looking for the latest technology to enhance efficiency and effectiveness)


With a specific focus on the following types of studies :

  1. MARKET UNDERSTANDING (Exploratory Surveys, Attitude & Usage, Segmentations, Market Sizing, Profiling)
  2. PRODUCT LAUNCH (Brand Positioning, Concept Test, Product-Use Test, Pricing, Post-launch evaluation)
  3. TRENDS & CO-CREATION (Expert/Influencer interviews, Benchmarking, KOLs, Workshopping, Trend Squad communities)
  4. RETAIL (Mystery Shopping, Customer Satisfaction, Shop Along & intercepts, Store design/Online audit)
  5. COMMUNICATIONS (Advertising pre and post-tests, Campaign Evaluations)
  6. LONGEVITY (Brand Tracking Study, Loyalty Survey, Shopper Study)


From its offices in Paris, Shanghai, and New York, Ifop brings together a community of 80 employees specialising in the challenges facing brands in the luxury, beauty and wellbeing. The US team collaborates closely with the Ifop IQ, Sociovision, Beauty and Wellbeing teams in Paris.


Meet the Ifop Inc. Team !

  • Stephanie Sandler
  • Alexandra Roulston
  • Kerry Steingraber
  • Stephanie Fanelli
  • Erica Bloom
  • Amanda Wisbeck
  • Kristen Busby
  • Monica Wu


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Stéphanie Sandler Président Ifop Inc. North America

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