mix development


[Méthode] Mix development : which aspects of the mix should be emphasised?

Assessment of the appeal and novelty of your innovations. Optimisation and identification of the key aspects of the mix to be emphasised so as to guarantee their success.


Key objectives:


Faced with consumers who are increasingly well informed, gradually gaining power relative to brands and who do not hesitate to share their experiences, products need to keep their promises.


Our assets:


  • A very broad palette of methodologies adapted to your needs: screening of ideas, concept tests, formula tests, sniff-tests, pack tests, range optimisation (clustering / TURF), claim tests, etc.
  • ‘Moment of truth’ type approaches enabling us to seize the experience on the spot, during the key moments of the experience (upon the 1st application, after 3 applications, after 1 month, 3 months, etc.).
  • Extensive experience of innovation and formula studies which has culminated in the establishment of a robust database thanks to which we can pronounce a judgement on the performance of your offers.
  • Thanks to the presence in our team of experts who have worked in the world of advertising, we have the expertise required to guarantee operational recommendations which can be implemented immediately.
  • In-depth awareness of the beauty market stemming from our fundamental studies and competitive intelligence gathered on a daily basis. We are thus able to provide you with highly relevant insights and recommendations.


Examples of issues addressed:


  • What is the best concept for my upcoming launch?
  • Does my formula meet the promises put forward in my concept? Does it succeed in recruiting new customers while bolstering the loyalty of current ones?
  • What price positioning should be adopted to ascertain my share of the market progresses?
  • How can I enhance my shelf-display performance while making my packaging more visible in stores?

Your contacts

Mélanie Hanoteau Directrice du pôle Beauty

Pilar Izquiero Herlihy Directrice de clientèle - Beauty

Nelly Bernier Directrice de clientèle - Beauty

mix development

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