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Paris Luxury Summit #8 : A protective luxury is emerging

In 2014, CB News and Publicis Media created the Paris Luxury Summit. This morning, 14 December, the 8th edition of this benchmark meeting was held. This year’s theme was innovative, because the morning focused on Luxury Therapy: “Luxury Therapy : luxury on the sofa“, with many speakers coming to bring plural insights to this notion. Ifop’s Luxury expertise was part of the game, as a partner. An exclusive study entitled “Introspection of Post-Covid Luxury” was presented by Stéphane Truchi, CEO of the Ifop Group.


This data and market analyst elements have made it possible to bring tangible compasses to brands in order to understand the impact of the health crisis on the luxury sector and its post-Covid future in France, the United States and China.


These include in particular:

  • How has the desire to buy luxury goods been impacted by the Covid crisis,
  • The reasons why this sector has been more resilient than others,
  • Customer expectations in terms of commitments,
  • And the responses that luxury can bring,


In an interview given to CB News, Stéphane Truchi said that “All recent crises have proven the remarkable ability of luxury to bounce back. Once again, it is by relying on its fundamentals that luxury has tremendously withstood an unprecedented crisis, both in terms of its speed of global spread and its duration.”


Discover this entire study, by downloading the report.

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Stéphane Truchi CEO Ifop Group

Marc Gicquel Head of Luxury division

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