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Brand Equity : 3 key aspects

Evaluate the health of your brand and monitor it over time. Understand its positioning and that of your competitors around 3 key aspects: visibility, desirability and territory.


Key issues:

In a world where consumers are increasingly solicited and faced with a profusion of offerings, messages and touchpoints, a brand must have a clear, unique, powerful and consistent sense of purpose from one touchpoint to another.


Our strengths:

  • The ‘Brand Equity Model’: a model integrating the 3 pillars of a brand’s equity: visibility, desirability and territory to compare your brand’s performance with its primary competitors,
  • Integration of indicators adapted to new forms of brand/consumer relationship: beyond the traditional indicators of unaided, aided and recommendation recall, we have developed new indicators to measure social buzz, “love brand” emotional attachment, etc. to better understand the relationship your consumers have with your brand,
  • Strong brand research expertise to help you define your brand platform strategy by prioritizing actions for implementation,

Operational results in the form of global and visual deliverables, allowing you to communicate internally at different levels: top management, marketing management and sales management.


Case study examples:

  • What are the drivers of desirability in my market?
  • How is my brand positioned in light of recent developments in the make-up market and the emergence of niche brands?
  • How is my brand positioned against its competitors in terms of sustainable, social and ethical development in Western countries?

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Marc Gicquel Head of Luxury division

Chloé Mazier Head of Beauty & Wellbeing division

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