Publication 06/05/2021


Ifop Luxe and Sociovision, subsidiary of the Ifop Group, are launching their first international study with the aim of understanding what affluent clients expect in terms of commitments from luxury brands (France, USA, China).


With this unique study, the Ifop Group is making available an exclusive solution to pilot the actions of brands in terms of environmental, social, economic and ethical commitment. This global and strategic approach provides valuable insight into the challenges faced by luxury brands which are increasingly having to take into consideration their clients’ stance with regard to these issues and find the best levers to enhance and render accessible their actions among their different audiences.


“This first study shall enable us to draw up an overview of the expectations of affluent clients in terms of brand commitments and establish a ranking of the brands with the highest level of commitment in France, the USA and China,” explains Stéphane Truchi, Chairman of the Ifop Group board, who has more than twenty years’ expertise in the luxury sector. He has revealed the launch of this study during the Journal du Luxe webinar on the theme of “New Luxury”, in the presence of LVMH.


This global study addressing the issue of brand commitment in all its forms will include a chapter on Benchmarking. It will evaluate the various existing actions and initiatives of the brands in terms of environmental, social, economic and ethical commitment. The level of adhesion and impact that these types of action can have on the overall perception of a brand and the resulting coherence will be included. This chapter shall be designed and developed in collaboration with Eric Briones, member of our network of Luxury experts, and Editorial Director of Journal du Luxe, and Paris School of Luxury studies.


This study shall provide concrete and operational answers as well as the keys to ensure that commitments made by a brand stand out and are met with approval. It will also enable to identify the limits that should not be crossed so as to ensure a successful commitment + pleasure balance, something which is so difficult to achieve” – adds Rémy Oudghiri, Deputy Managing Director at Sociovision and co-creator of the study “Luxury & Brand Commitment[s]”.


If you are interested in this study, Ifop Luxe and Sociovision hold individual 30-minute ZOOM sessions to discuss design and methodology. Contact the expert below to set the date and time at your convenience.



New Luxury: watch Stéphane Truchi’s complete presentation in the presence of LVMH


Due to the extensive level of expertise acquired on the subject within the Ifop Group, it was only natural that Stéphane should be invited to this webinar dedicated to New Luxury, a concept launched by LVMH to define the new stakes and challenges faced by their Maisons in terms of commitment. Presentation of a few impactful data, exclusive to Ifop, got the debate under way.




Enjoy the video ! (version FR)



About the Ifop Group and Luxury


For more than ten years, the Ifop Group has imposed itself as a leader and reference when it comes to market research in the luxury sector, both in France and internationally.


Being present in Asia since 1998 in Shanghai, then Hong Kong and more recently with the opening of its hub in New York in 2020, the Ifop Group is reinforcing its worldwide geographical coverage. Thanks to this extensive know-how and international presence, the Ifop Group has acquired in-depth knowledge of the issues facing the sector at large and the affluent targets, in particular.


Ifop Luxe is also a community of over 40 expert employees dedicated to the luxury and beauty sectors who provide brands with tailored solutions on a daily basis thus ascertaining a global and highly operational vision.


These experts cover the full range of issues linked to the brand, innovation, retail, digital strategies, CRM and market forecasts.


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Your contacts

Stéphane Truchi Chairman of Ifop Board

Stéphanie Sandler Président Ifop Inc. North America

Rémy Oudghiri Deputy Managing Director Sociovision

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