[The portrait] Stephanie Sandler, President of IFOP Inc. North America

How did you first hear about the Ifop Group?

At Chanel.


Do you have a story about your first day?

I joined IFOP in October 2020. It was a bit difficult to start in the middle of a pandemic away from everyone but several people called me to introduce themselves!


Do you have a side-project beyond the IFOP Group?

I am a foodie, I love restaurants.


How would you describe IFOP in one word?

The Know-how.


How do you see the IFOP Group in the years to come?

An innovative company and a thought leader in the luxury and beauty sectors.



About me


A versatile profile specialising in brand strategy and consumer research, I have worked for nearly 20 years in luxury goods companies (Chanel and Richemont).

I was the lead on product development, marketing, communications and retail activities to increase sales globally and locally.

I have good experience around Data and Consumer Insight. This enables the delivery of relevant, innovative and engaging services and communications, as well as personalised customer relationships and experiences.

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Stéphanie Sandler Président Ifop Inc. North America


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