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[TRIBUNE] Four questions to Ilana Dupeyron, Head of IQ


You joined the Ifop Group in 2021 to manage the Inspiring Qual entity, a merger between Quali Marketing and InCapsule, what is your vision for “Inspiring Qual”?



Inspiring Qual, as its name suggests, aims to give an inspirational dimension to qualitative research, i.e. to offer on the one hand ‘smart’ research protocols (from online to offline, from instantaneous to longitudinal, from declarative to experiential), and on the other hand to increase insights through the prism of strategic planning, i.e. to put the consumer’s perspective into its socio-cultural context, enriched by semiological analyses and benchmarks (brand cases, category trends). All this with a fully international approach and with the aim of co-creating with consumers the marketing propositions of the future.



What are IQ’s missions?


I would say that there are 3 missions:

  1. Writing a new “Qual” chapter at Ifop
  2. Boosting the hybrid spirit by relying on Ifop’s quant teams and by proposing qual-strategic planning-quant solutions for a 360° vision
  3. Supporting our clients one step further in their innovation & activation needs – by offering tailor-made, resolutely consumer-centric and forward-looking consultancy, also thanks to our collaboration with our colleagues at Sociovision.



What are the challenges for IQ?


Ifop is a renowned player in Opinion polling, quantitative and luxury studies. We must now succeed in leveraging the hybridisation of our offers in order to give the best exposure to qual too! But I would say that it is more of an opportunity than a challenge, in any case it is a nice challenge!



What are the developments in qual research in 2022? And why has it become so important?


It is no secret that our society and therefore our behaviour as a consumer is changing at lightning speed. Whether it is a pandemic or the birth of the Metaverse, qual makes it possible to shed light on and understand latent consumer needs that big data and quant alone cannot explore.
Also, in a world where technology, algorithms and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly important, it is sometimes very useful to be able to ‘connect’ in depth with the human being, the ‘real’ life of the consumer, and to hear and feel what he or she says, does, thinks and wishes. The consumer, who, more than ever, wants to express himself, wants to participate in shaping the world of tomorrow. Co-creation between brands and consumers therefore necessarily involves a qualitative dialogue.



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