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[Méthode] 360° engagement: assessing individuals’ attachment through 3 prisms

Assessment of individuals’ attachment through 3 prisms


Key objective:


360° view of consumer engagement relative to your products/brands in absolute terms and with regard to those of your competitors.
Identification of your levers of growth on the short and long term.


Our assets:


  • A strategic piloting tool providing dynamic measurement of consumer engagement through 3 prisms: BEHAVIOURAL engagementSOCIAL engagement (role of influencer), and EMOTIONAL engagement.
  • Complete 360° diagnosis: profiling, perception of the mix, meeting of needs and touchpoints, thus enabling to identify the key insights related to your products/brands, their performance drivers, growth opportunities and levers as well as corrective action if need be.
  • In-depth comparative diagnosis relative to the competition.
  • Operational results presented in a visual and synthetic deliverable, enabling you to optimise your Marketing, Communication, Media, CRM, Retail strategies …



Examples of issues addressed:


  • Who are my users? Who are my fans?
  • How to recruit new targets? Who might my future customers be? What levers should be activated?
  • Which touchpoints are most effective among my customers? Which touchpoints should be made a priority?
  • How does my new fragrance perform relative to best-selling fragrances? In what ways does it stand out? What are its shortcomings?

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engagement 360

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