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The shift from a “product-centric” to “consumer-centric” approach which grants ever increasing attention to consumers’ specific needs is gradually taking hold in the field of Healthcare. Consequently, in-depth understanding is required of the needs of all key stakeholders in the healthcare decision-making process, whether it be patients, healthcare professionals, patient associations, the authorities…


Ifop’s “Voice of the Healthcare Customers” solution meets the increased need to bring to light solid insights based on the expectations of stakeholders involved in the decision-making process, with the aim of developing relevant and differentiating offers.


Three key axes:


  • A specific qualitative phase which enables to delve deeper into key issues, taking into consideration all the targets involved.
  • Dual analysis of interviews: the conventional in-depth analysis is doubled up with a specific analysis of insights emanating from the interviews via “insight booklets” which restructure the insights by platform and by target.
  • A cross-specialty workshop, bringing together internal teams and moderated by Ifop Healthcare experts, to generate ideas for potential offers based on selected insights.


The Voice of the Healthcare Customers approach integrating insights from multiple decision-makers is particularly well suited to saturated markets where competitors struggle to stand out from each other. A solution with a broad range of applications, including product development or positioning & communication development strategies.

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Christina Bienenfeld Directrice du pôle Healthcare


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