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Insights are born here. We are a mid-sized full service marketing research consultancy which has, for over 30 years, been servicing the needs of the North American market. As part of the IFOP Global Network, we remain dedicated to continuing to build our business practice around:

• Flexibility to consult with relevant research solutions from around the globe,
• Meaningful involvement by senior staff in every research project,
• A commitment to bringing innovation to everything we do.
Experience has rewarded us with the knowledge and instinct to design and deliver a full suite of qualitative and quantitative ad hoc and syndicated research, data analysis, and marketing insights – to make better business decisions. 

We are proud to be a Gold Seal member of the MRIA.

Current team strengths align particularly well with:


As one of the Ifop global group of companies, clients partner with us for access to prime global resources, tools and panels. We are a Gold Seal member of the MRIA and the first research company to adhere to the UN’s Global Compact, a strategic initiative encouraging business ethics. 

We take pride in our work and in our vibrant, creative, intuitive and technically strong staff. Ifop NA welcomes the challenge of a new client or business issue. We encourage you to explore the upside of working with us.

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